5. Analysing the film as a whole

Using Edward De Bono’s  Six Thinking Caps to analyse the

 film ‘The Hunger Games’

Task three:  Below is a table where the Six Thinking Hats have been used to structure the analysis of  ‘The Hunger Games’ as a whole. . In pairs, discuss each area and fill in the table.   Word doc of table: Hunger Games film analysis using Thinking Hats task 3

Thinking Hat Colour Question Answers
Blue Hat  What is the genre of the film?   What is happening in the plot? What are the themes?
Red Hat What emotions do you feel when you watch the film? Explain how the   film makes you feel.
White Hat What film techniques are used to determine your  reading of the scene? Give some examples   (make sure you explain where the technique is used in the film)
Green Hat What new ideas do you think about when you watch the film?How does it   relate to your prior knowledge of films or books that you have read? Think   about the symbolism and what that suggests.
Yellow Hat What are the positive aspects of the film? What is successful?
Black Hat What are the weak points of the film?What could the director have done differently?

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