6.Summary and Themes

Below is a sample of your own work on the themes of the novel. I have also included one of your summarys that I have added a bit to


The Hunger Games is futuristic film set in the country of Panem, where each year  twelve districts must sacrifice a boy and girl to fight to their deaths in the yearly televised Hunger Games. Usually there can be only one winner, but, in special circumstances brought about by the main protagonist Katniss Everdeen, they changed it to two. The narrative focuses on the main character Katniss, from District Twelve, who tries fights against the odds (adversity) to return home to her family.


Inequality: In the Hunger Games  there is clear inequality between the districts, that are poor, and the Capitol that are rich. We first see this near the beginning when District twelve is having their boy and girl picked and they are all dressed in rags whereas the woman from the Capitol, Effie Trinkett, is dressed in expensive brightly coloured clothes. We see this again when Katniss is hunting for food to feed her family, as they have very little, whereas in the  Capitol there are huge buffets of food to eat.


Love: One theme that is used in the Hunger Games is love. Katniss tries her best not to get attached to people, but ironically, she ends up pretending to be in love so that she can get more sponsors. Another aspect of the love theme is when she volunteers to take her sister’s place when she is chosen as the tribute from District Twelve.

Peeta and Katniss fall in love – ah but do they really? or is it just a publicity stunt? That is common with our own celebrities who do so to gain press coverage and extra attention from fans looking for any pieces of information. The same is true of the ‘celebrities’ in the Hunger Games (the reality tv show in the film)

Power: Who has the power?

Another theme in the Hunger Games is power. The Capitol people have the most power as they have power to control the people in the districts. They act like the people in the districts as just characters in a show and not real people that feel like them.

Friendship: The bond between Katniss and Peeta allows them to work well as a team and both get home safely from the Hunger Games.

There is also a bond created between Rue from District Eleven and Katniss, as they both looked out for each other. Rue knew that Katniss was different from the blood thirsty tributes from Districts One and Two,  and the other less able ones, and knew that she could trust her.

Loyalty: Throughout the story, we see how Katniss works to help other competitors. Rue, from District Eleven, was scared and sought help from Katniss, who, out of respect for Rue and the people of the districts, conducted a ‘funeral’ for Rue, covering her in flowers and singing to her as she died. This became the catalyst (this means the incident that forced a change to happen) for the uprising that begins in District Eleven. How did this become the turning point in the way the Districts allowed the Capitol to treat them badly? It showed the games for what it was. Not a reality TV show, but the brutal killing of the people in the Districts who are exploited and oppressed by the Capitol people. She made them appear human, real people and not just characters in a game.

Survival: They have been set the task to survive, and we follow Katniss Everdeen as she tries her best to, in the cruel, torrid Hunger Games.

They have to fight for their lives by killing other tributes and learning to cope with the guilt that follows. They also have to find food and shelter to protect from the elements and to give them the strength to protect themselves against formidable, well trained opponents.

At first it is all about ‘survival of the fittest’ (Darwin’s theory of evolution). This is made more challenging, as the tributes from District One and Two are specially trained from an early age and volunteer to take part, as it is seen as an honour to take part and win (much the same as the Spartans who trained to fight). The other Tributes are like Gladiators that are forced to fight to death. Katniss tries to keep away from the ‘career tributes’ but is forced into their area by the game- makers, who are trying to keep the viewing public interested by throwing the people together in the hope that a bloodbath will ensue.

The film exposes how, with a little team work and common sense, you are able to be victorious in the race for survival.

May the odds be ever in your favour:

This theme is about chance and luck. For example: Prim Everdeen is entering The Reaping draw for the first time and only has her name in the draw once – unlike many others such as Gale who has his name in many times to get the extra food for his family.

This theme is also about the gambling that takes place before the games where they place odds on who they think is more likely to survive the Hunger Games.


Katniss has the courage to volunteer to take her sister Prim’s place when she is chosed as District Twelve’s tribute. She then remains strong and focused on her goal of returning home to her family. She promised Prim that she would win.

Katniss shows courage many times throughout the film. For example, her courage to shoot the arrow through the pig and make the gamemakers notice her (and gaining a high rating as a result!); she also has the courage to challenge the Capitol with her signal of respect after Rue’s death and the courage to take the berries at the end. This courage allows her to win the games (with Peeta) but it is also the reason why President Snow views her as a threat – she has given the districts too much HOPE and ‘a little hope is effective, alot is a dangerous thing’ (President Snow makes this comment to Seneca Crane, the head Game-maker, as a warning, as he can see how easily the districts can turn against the Capitol if they hope and believe they can make a change. Katniss already has made a change by humanising the games. This means that she has made them seem like real people and not just part of a tv show.


Control is a main theme in the Hunger Games as the main point of the Hunger Games is for the Capitol people (President Snow being the main enforcer of this control) to exert their power over the people of the districts.

Well done all of you! Keep up the good work 🙂

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