7. Your ideas on the film

I have looked at all the work you have generated in class and have chosen the useful information that will help you with your essay!

This is being worked on right now! There will be more of your work added soon.

Blue Hat

What is the genre of the film? Science-Fiction (Sci-Fi) Dystopian society (click on the link for more detail – remember we talked about it being the opposite to a Utopian society(paradise). As many of you pointed out there are other genres that are included such as action, drama, thriller but the above are the main ones.

What is happening in the plot? A fantasy world called Panem, where

What are the themes of the film? Survival, Friendship,

Red Hat

What emotions do you feel when you watch the film? Explain:

Sad – because you feel sorry for the dead and how they have to compete in the horrific Hunger Games.The techniques used help us to sympathise with the main characters. We feel very sad when Rue dies, not only does it activate our sadness and make us as an audience empathise with the characters, it makes the people from the capitol and districts empathise aswell. This gives them HOPE (see below in the mockingjay part -green hat for symbolism) and that is dangerous!

Full of suspense and on edge – This is because we don’t know what is going to happen. We feel on the edge of our seats at times as we are worried about the outcome. It makess the viewer/audience want to know what happens next.

Happy – Because they win in the end and Katniss gets to return to Prim and her Mum.

Guilt – because these people have no freedom whereas we have a say in how we live our lives.

Scared – because the techniques are so effective and pull us in to the narrative, so that, at times we feel as if it is happening to us.

White Hat

What film techniques are used to determine your reading of the film?

1. When Katniss is stung by a Tracker Jacker there is a POV (point of view shot) which is highlighted by the camera going all blurry and we, as a viewer get to experience things from her perspective (POV).  During this blurry sequence, the director uses a technique called Flashback where we experience the thoughts of Katniss through a dream-like sequence, suggesting she is hallucinating. This effect is further highlighted by the back-story. Here we find out a bit of background information to some of the confusing parts of Katniss’s family life:

1. Her cold relationship with her mother. When she is given 3 minutes to spend with her family, she is warm and nurturing with Prim but cold and indifferent with her Mother.

Katniss Everdeen: You can’t tune out again. Katniss’ Mother: I won’t. Katniss Everdeen: No, you can’t. Not like when dad died. I won’t be there anymore, you’re all she has. No matter what you feel, you have to be there for her. Do you understand? [Katniss’ mother nods with tears in her eyes]

When her father died, her mother ‘died inside’ and shut down to the needs of Prim and Katniss. Katniss had to take over the role of bread winner for the family and take on the role of mother to Prim. She is now concerned, not for herself, but for Prim’s safety and welfare.

2. We see a group of miners and all the faces are the same as the man in the photograph that we previously see in Katniss’s house. We then see the house explode which signifies or symbolises, not only the death of her father (who we can assume from this died from I have put the technique in white as they are the ‘facts’ used to determine our reading of the film.an explosian in the mine), but how that death blew apart her home life.


Extreme long shot (ELS) This camera shot is used during the opening scenes to show the abject poverty that the  people from the districts live in (this is shown from district 12 AND the district 11 who eventually begin to revolt against their unfair treatment as a result of Katniss bringing humanity to the games and giving them HOPE). We see the bleak and horrible setting. The colour is dreary and grey, the streets are mud baths, the houses are old and delapidated, the people are sad and miserable and wear what appear to be rags.

The riot scene in District 11

This also helps us to get a good idea where the main character Katniss comes from, so that we can understand her plight more.

Music: The music is a prominent technique throughout and is used to bring tension when needed. Non-diegetic (not in the movie, click for more clarification)(more will be added when you analyse music more closely! If I forget to add it, leave a comment).

Green Hat:

What new ideas do you think about when you watch the film? How does it relate to your prior knowledge of films or books that you have read? Think about the symbolism and what that suggests.

The ideas we CREATE from ‘reading’ a film is a unique experience and so I have put them in green.  Remember, although when we view a text it is a shared experience, our reactions to it may be quite different depending on the associations we make (how it connects with things we recognise from something we have previously watched or read) See the section on Symbolism

trying to give you different vocabulary to use so that you have a variety to use in your essays. Make sure you try and use different words in each paragraph. S

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