Hunger Games Task 4

The Hunger games ESSAY PLAN 4B3

Here is a copy of your essay plan, just in case you lose the one I printed for you.

Homework due next Monday 5th November:

3 analysis paragraphs using the PEAR structure

You will need at least two pieces of evidence for each paragraph. Make sure they are connected to the same POINT and THEME.

You all know how to contact me if you need any advice/assistance.

See section 4. on here for help on how to do that.

Good luck!

template for critical essay  Use this template to plan one paragraph

Template for critical essay analysis for multiple paragraphs  This one is much smaller but enables you to plan out 4 paragraphs (you don’t have to do four yet though 😉

For any of you that are still unsure about your camera angles and shots:

camera angles English report

Exemplar Essays


Psycho exemplar essay

The Others model essay

Here is a more complicated media paragraph. I dont expect one at this level though (or you should be at university!)

Ken Loach ‘Sweet Sixteen’

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